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Buried Service Wire Operations

Housley Communications, Inc. currently provides buried service wire services to several of the telecommunications industry’s largest companies operating throughout their Southwest and Midwest operating areas. Our buried drop crews are very experienced in the placing and cutover of copper, fiber and coaxial drops in a variety of environmental and soil conditions. To ensure total customer satisfaction, Housley Communications, Inc. places these facilities by hand and/or with mechanical equipment. Our technicians are fully trained and capable of utilizing the best and most efficient placing techniques available to minimize the potential for yard and landscape damage.

Outside Plant Construction Operations

Housley Communications, Inc. is a proven and trusted provider of OSP Construction services for Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) companies throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. We have the expertise, equipment and personnel to place copper, fiber optic and coaxial cable in a variety of operating environments including aerial, buried and underground. Housley Communications, Inc. also provides a multitude of specialty construction services for Outside Plant applications which include directional boring in dirt or rock, cable pulling, conduit, manhole construction/inspection, splicing and major facility relocations along some our nation’s busiest roadways.

Electrical Energy and Natural Gas Distribution

Housley Communications, Inc. construction services also include constructing gas and electric distribution facilities for new business and residential developments. This work includes, but is not limited to, the placement of conduit, polyethylene pipe, street light assemblies, transformers and pads. Our capabilities also include the pulling of power wire/cable and performing poly, electro and mechanical fusion procedures. In addition, Housley Communications, Inc. gas services include the capability to pressurize and test new gas distribution facilities to specific customer operational standards. These construction services and capabilities have made Housley Communications, Inc. a key partner for our numerous gas and electric customers by providing creative and timely joint trench solutions.

Technical Network Services

Another prime example of our customers challenging us to expand is our Technical Network Services department. At the request of one of our Local Exchange Carrier customers, Housley Communications, Inc. began working in apartment complexes doing underground and pre-wiring for basic telephone service. In a very short time, this work expanded to encompass complete rehabilitation of existing properties, installation of satellite head-end equipment, security systems, video monitoring equipment and CATV. We have also been contracted on several occasions to complete projects or correct work other construction firms have abandoned. Housley Communications, Inc. will bid and contract apartment complexes throughout the United States.

We can provide structured cabling services for new construction, tenant finish and rehabilitation for its clients. We regularly provide turnkey solutions for voice and data networks including equipment, pre-wire, testing, cutover and certification for any size project.

An example of the type of work our Technical Network Services department has done is the design and installation of the fiber optic distribution system for the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Housley Communications, Inc. partnered with the consulting firm of Wrightson, Johnson, Haddon & Williams on this project.

Municipal Water, Sewer and Storm Drainage Facilities

In the early 2000s, Housley Communications, Inc. made the strategic decision to expand its business services to include the construction of municipal, residential, commercial industrial water distribution systems, sanitary and storm sewer projects, fresh water storage tanks and high capacity pump stations. Our construction techniques for sewer and water facilities include open trench placing, horizontal directional drilling and, where applicable, pipe bursting to remove old sewer and/or water lines of any size and then pull-back an equal to or larger replacement pipe. Pipe bursting greatly minimizes street and landscape damage, improves productivity and reduces installation cost to our customers. If lift stations are required to move sewage to a higher elevation treatment plant, Housley Communications, Inc. is fully capable to build these facilities for our rural or metropolitan customers. We are expert in the installation, repair and/or replacement of residential service lines and have literally replaced thousands of outdated mechanical water meters with state of the art digital meters. Whether your project is in downtown Dallas or in a small West Texas community, Housley Communications, Inc. stands ready to provide all of your sewer and water construction needs. Every customer is important to us and we pride ourselves in maintaining that commitment on every project.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Housley Communications has been a leader in the HDD market place for many years. We purchased our first Vermeer Model D6 Horizontal Directional Drill in the mid 1990s and currently have 52 working drill rigs. HCI can bore any type soil from sandy to granite rock with a diameter up to forty two inches. The longest bore accomplished to date was a 2500 foot bore under the Houston ship channel for Texas A & M University. During the FTTP build out in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, our peak performance reached a staggering 100,000 feet per week in Plano TX.

Dispatch Services

The Buried Service Wire Dispatch Center provides an important and strategic function that is critical to the success of our multi-state buried service wire operation. We established a centralized Work Allocation and Billing Center that allows our customers to transmit individual work orders electronically. When the order has been completed, our center sends an automated confirmation of the completed orders back to our customer. The center then generates thousands of electronic invoices each month for these completed orders. In order to provide this level of electronic interface, Housley Communications, Inc. has invested in, developed and continually refined a state-of-the-art computer system with proprietary software written and maintained by our own in-house Information Systems department. Our administration system allows us to manage the workload for hundreds of multi-state work crews. Due to the efficiencies of this system, our dispatch center can be staffed by an amazingly small number of employees, located in a central office where thousands of buried service wire work orders are dispatched, tracked and invoiced by our center monthly. All of the information about these individual orders are stored and tracked in a highly secure and redundant database. Field managers and customers can access this database to view near real-time order status. Through a large menu of customized administrative reports, users have access to a wealth of current and historical data.

Temporary Services

Housley Communications, Inc. maintains an active database of qualified engineers, technicians and consultants. This database allows us to provide temporary placement of these skilled personnel on an as-needed basis for temporary work assignments. Additionally, we can perform site surveys, facility audits, cost estimates and project/technology consultation for most of our customer’s specific project needs. Our temporary services also include complete system design, CAD drawings and “as-built” documentation as required. All of the work performed by Housley Communications, Inc. includes a one (1) year warranty on material and labor.

Engineering & Project Management Services

The Housley Group is a full service Utility Construction Company. In addition to the many construction services provided by The Housley Group, we are regularly called upon to provide OSP and Data Network engineering solutions which include field facility audits, detailed engineering, CAD drawings, network layouts and various connectivity options based upon the cost and performance criteria of our customers.  Frequently our customers require that we provide a “turn-key” project, which also includes project management and a variety of construction services.  We pride ourselves on performing these services in a professional manner that meets or exceeds our customer’s schedule, budget and quality expectations. Most recently we have provided Texas A&M University with a “turn-key” project to provide a fiber optic network to eleven of their campuses around the state of Texas.

Housley Technology Inc.

Housley Technology Inc. (HTI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Housley Communications, Inc. This unit’s primary business is factoring and lending money for our employees and subcontractors.