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"As I reflect on the past three years since the inception of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program project (BTOP) , that required the placement of 140 miles of fiber throughout the mighty State of Texas, I am extremely thankful and proud of the relationship that Texas A&M University-Telecommunications has maintained with Housley Communications. Housley engineers and support personnel have worked alongside us every step of the way not only during construction but well before that, through the planning, engineering, and permitting phases. Even when faced with some very tough and intense challenges, Housley never lost sight of the goal, to get the work done on or before the due date and within budget. 
One particular segment of the project that I found to be most impressive was Housley's work in Galveston, the bore under the coastal waterway. However, at each location where fiber was deployed, Housley's work was deemed a 'job well done'.
Texas A&M University Telecommunications does not view Housley as a contractor...Housley is family. We sincerely appreciate the professionalism and expertise that Housley provides. The success of the BTOP project is directly tied to Housley's performance. Thank you, Housley Communications!" -
Walt Magnussen, Ph.D.
Director for Telecommunications
Texas A&M University

"We would like to extend our great appreciation of the job your crew has done for the City of Ackerly.
They were pleasant to work with and very helpful. We would recommend your guys to anyone." -
Jelene Timmins
City Secretary
City of Ackerly

"TRC Engineering Services, Inc. has worked with Housley Communications, Inc. on various projects.  Housley Communications completed the projects on time and in accordance to the specifications.  Their personnel were knowledgeable, cooperative and adapted to changes in the specifications without controversy.  They have been invited to bid on numerous other projects and have been very competitive." - 
Donald R. Kirchhoff
Vice President, OSP
TRC Engineering Services, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Housley Communications on two capital water and wastewater system improvement projects over the past 15 months. In my 30 years experience of public utilities, I have worked with many contractors. By far, Housley Communications has been the best construction experience I have had.
The crew has been very knowledgeable and experienced in the specific type of work being performed and has been understanding of the City's needs and procedures. I believe that through the course of the two projects the superintendent and crew have formed more of a partnership with the City and City Staff. Crews have been made available to the City after hours and responded to any request in a professional and timely matter. Through these projects, I haven't had any customer complaints from anyone in the City, and the crews have been really responsive to City customers in explaining work in progress.

As our project is closing in on the final stage, I regret the reality that the crew will not still be in town to be of assistance to the City. I appreciate the partnership and professional approach that Housely Communications has offered to the City of Sonora." - 
Leonard Leinfelder
Public Works Director
City of Sonora


"The Housley Group has proven to be an excellent Business Partner with us in the AEP Texas – San Angelo District. The crews work safely and efficiently which allows us to complete our AEP work plan in a timely manner for our customers. We appreciate them." - 

Wayne Crenshaw
Contract Coordination SUPV
AEP Texas