Llano River Crossing

The Texas Tech University Center (TTU) located on the banks of the South Llano River, in Junction, TX, provides academic, research and service programs to expand educational, economic and cultural opportunities throughout the Texas Hill Country region.


The Housley Construction Group was selected to place new water, sewer and gas lines, in the rock bed under the Llano River, for the Texas Tech University facility. Scheduled academic programs and graduate research commitments required that the project had to complete in only thirty (30) days.  The project was successfully completed in less than thirty (30) days.


The utility crossing of the South Llano River was done at the site of a new state highway bridge which was still under construction.  In order to cross the river we had to divert half the width of the Llano River to facilitate our work.  The placing of the new utility services required trenching in solid bed rock a 30" wide X 5' deep trench a distance of over 300 feet across the river.  After placing the new utility steel encasements and utility lines it took over 400 yards of concrete to bed the pipes and re-fill the trench.  The men and equipment in the picture are actually standing on the rock bed of the Llano River after half the rivers width was diverted.