Who We Are

Robert (Bob) D. Housley
President & CEO

Bob founded Housley Communications, Inc. (HCI) on October 1, 1980, on four basic principles: honesty, integrity, quality, and professionalism. Bob is responsible for the overall growth, direction and operation of the company. His personal involvement, innovative nature and concern for customer satisfaction have been instrumental in establishing Housley Communications, Inc. as a construction industry leader.

Since 1980, Housley Communications, Inc. has grown into a multi-state utility construction operation with key regional offices throughout Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. The international telecommunications markets in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Mexico City, Mexico, gave HCI opportunities to provide engineering services on several large scale projects.

Bob’s vision and knowledge of the telecommunications and utility construction industry has led the company to diversify and expand as the industry changes. Outside Plant Operations, Buried Wire Service, and Municipal Underground Utility Services are key components of the HCI operation.

The financial strength and stability of Housley Communications, Inc. is a direct result of Bob’s management style and commitment to excellence. His confidence in the future of the company is based on the company’s commitment to the success of our customers.

Over the years, Bob has recruited and developed a team of highly skilled and experienced professional managers and supervisors that understand and apply the four basic principles Bob founded the business upon to all aspects of their work. Their knowledge and dedication to excellence continues to bring industry honors and business growth to Housley Communications, Inc.

Bob’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is reflected in his community involvement. He is a director of First Financial Bank San Angelo – a First Financial Institution member. He and his family are long time supporters of the West Texas Rehabilitation Center in San Angelo, Texas.

Bob can be contacted in our San Angelo, Texas office.

David R. Meek
Executive Vice President

Dave has been with Housley Communications since 1986 and is responsible for day-to-day operations of the company. These responsibilities include finances, insurance, safety and overall customer satisfaction. Dave is also responsible for directing all Housley Communications, Inc. telecommunication and municipal utility construction activities which occur across the company’s multi-state operation.

Since 1974, Dave has been involved in all aspects of the telecommunications utility construction industry which includes Outside Plant Engineering, cable placing, installation and repair, direct field management and major project management.

On the international level, Dave led a very successful construction project in Mexico City where HCI planned and engineered 125 central office conversions. Dave also managed an extensive international project where HCI engineered the initial remote wireless network for Telkom in South Africa.

Dave can be contacted in our Carrollton, Texas office.

Ana A. Hudson
Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Ana’s responsibilities include Human Resources, Payroll, Travel & Expenditures, Accounting and Financial Reporting, Development of Personal and Business Policies, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Collections Management and oversight of the company’s Risk Management Programs.

Ana has worked in various accounting areas since 1982. She is currently responsible for all aspects of Housley Communications, Inc. financial operation. Ana takes an active role in refining and streamlining financial processes to improve efficiency and overall company productivity. She works regularly with senior and middle management to support and enhance financial results, employee productivity and business growth.

Ana joined Housley Communications, Inc. in 2000. Ana brought an extensive background in executive level financial accounting management. She has also worked in the field of executive management development and developmental consultation for several Fortune 500 companies. Ana completed Finance and Accounting degree programs at Texas Tech University and Texas A&M University.

Ana can be contacted in our San Angelo, Texas office.

Matthew D. Housley
Vice President - Buried Service Wire

Matt is responsible for daily oversight and management of the company’s five state buried service wire operation. Housley Communications, Inc. has buried service drops for several of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies for the past thirty-two years. In several cases, Housley Communications, Inc. has been selected by these major telecommunication carriers as their exclusive provider for placing buried service wire.

Much of the long-term success of this business can be directly attributed to Matt and his team of experienced regional managers, supervisors and quality inspectors. Since 1980, when HCI placed its first buried drop for a single customer, the focus has been (and still is) on quality, timeliness, excellent customer service and consistently providing the highest level of business integrity.

Matt joined the company in 1996 and has worked hands-on in most of the craft and management functions of both the construction and buried service wire departments. Matt’s extensive background coupled with his careful selection of a seasoned and experienced management team has been key to the long-term success of the Housley Communications, Inc. buried service wire business. Matt attended the University of Texas at Dallas and earned his business degree in 2001.

Housley Communications, Inc. is an industry leader for the quality placement of fiber, copper and CATV buried service wires. We value our customers and are firmly committed to providing excellent service and the highest quality work on every project.

Matt can be contacted in our San Angelo, Texas office.

Pat Real
Vice President - Contract Services

Pat has held many key business and managerial positions in the Telecommunications Industry since 1970. His work experience includes numerous Telco assignments in the fields of Customer Service Operations, OSP Engineering, OSP Construction, Contract Administration and related Telephone Operations staff support roles.

Pat’s extensive Outside Plant engineering and construction experience was regularly relied upon in support of OSP Construction and Engineering field personnel all across Texas. For over ten years he supervised TELCO work groups responsible for project management and contract administration functions required to execute a yearly construction program which ranged from $60 to $100 million dollars per year.

Pat joined Housley Communications, Inc. in 2004. He is currently responsible for management of pre-award contract analysis which includes bid evaluation and unit rate negotiations. Pat is also responsible to work closely with customer and internal legal staffs to analyze all contracts for content, clauses and definitions during pre-bid reviews and contract awards. Pat also ensures that Housley Communications, Inc and any employed sub-contracting firms are in compliance with various State requirements that specify required Contractor Licenses and legal compliance.

Pat may be contacted in our San Angelo, Texas office.

Howard L. Mitchell
Vice President - Special Services

Howard has worked in the telecommunications industry since 1967. His work experience covered many different former GTE and then Verizon assignments in the fields of Engineering, Construction, Network Service Operations and Telephone Operations corporate headquarters staff. His work assignments included a three-year assignment assisting laboratory design and test hardware and software for the corporation’s first digital local and toll central office. He then was assigned to manage the first 32,000 line field test site where he coordinated the daily work of on-site design engineers and Telco personnel required to complete field testing and cutover activities. Howard was assigned to various Director-level positions where he managed technical and operations departments in several Telco operating companies. While working for the former GTE Corporation, Howard completed degree work at Indiana and Purdue Universities for Industrial Management and Electrical Engineering Technology.

Howard joined Housley Communications, Inc. in 2004. He is currently responsible for the management of the buried service wire Dispatch Center. He also provides management oversight for the construction teams performing Telecommunications and Municipal Utility construction work throughout West Texas.

Howard may be contacted in our San Angelo, Texas office.

Brandon Hebert
Area Vice President - Operations: Central Texas

Brandon’s responsibilities include oversight of construction projects throughout the Central Texas region. His construction and project management responsibility regularly includes project work for three of the nation’s largest Telecommunications companies. Brandon and his team have also performed several major facility road moves for the Texas Department of Transportation in the Austin, Texas area. Brandon's diversified utility construction experience also includes placement of Wet/Dry utilities and Electrical distribution for many customers in the Austin, Texas area.

Brandon currently has management responsibilities for six different Housley Communications, Inc. construction departments with four regional managers, each of whom has their own respective staff of supervisors, company construction crews and a large number of sub-contractors.

Brandon may be contacted in our Hutto, Texas office located just outside of Austin, Texas.

Stacy L. Elms
Vice President - Risk Management

Stacy has worked for over twenty-five years in the telecommunications industry. He joined Housley Communications over seventeen years ago. His managerial responsibilities at Housley Communications, Inc. included placing of buried service wire, fiber and copper cable construction, fleet/equipment acquisition and maintenance.

Stacy also founded the company’s initial quality, safety, OSHA compliance and damage investigation/prevention programs.

Stacy was instrumental in developing and negotiating the majority of the insurance compliance processes currently in use today by Housley Communications, Inc. Stacy is currently responsible to administer all of the company’s employee safety, loss prevention and OSHA compliance programs on a company-wide basis.

Stacy may be contacted in our Carrollton, Texas office.

Joe Jackson
Vice President - Construction

Joe has worked in the Telecommunications Industry, serving in numerous key OSP Construction and Customer Service Operations managerial positions, since 1978. Joe joined the Housley Group in 2010. His current responsibilities include business oversight and technical field support for OSP construction activities performed by the Housley Group. Joe is also responsible for bid unit evaluation and he participates in the preparation of all major Housley Group Telecommunications OSP project bid submissions.

During his thirty-year career with GTE and Verizon Telecommunications Joe regularly progressed through several different Construction and Customer Service supervisory and manager level positions. While assigned the position of Customer Operations Local Manager for the Dallas/Metroplex North Central division, Joe and his Customer Operations team produced outstanding customer service results that resulted in Joe’s work group being awarded the Verizon Excellence Award for the Best Preventive Maintenance Program throughout the State of Texas.

Because of Joe’s extensive OSP Construction and Customer Service field experience, coupled with his ability to organize and efficiently manage large complex projects, he was called upon regularly to manage and direct projects outside of his normal work assignments. Joe was selected to plan and implement Verizon’s first Outside Plant Facility Training Center for Texas which was established to provide extensive and practical hands-on training for Line workers, Cable Splicers and Customer Operations Technicians assigned to the construction and maintenance of fiber and copper cable facilities. Joe developed the curriculum, hired the instructors and personally designed the various full-size facility mock-ups for teaching and demonstrations. This specialized training facility has functioned efficiently and effectively for many years and is responsible for the training of hundreds of Verizon employees.

While working as an Area Manager – Construction, Joe was assigned the responsibility for placing, splicing and cutting over the initial Fiber to the Premise Network throughout Verizon’s eastern serving area in the Dallas Metroplex. This project required the placing of twenty-one million feet of fiber cable, the passing of two hundred seventy thousand households and one hundred and twenty thousand apartments while at the same time maintaining reliable and uninterrupted customer service in adjacent working copper networks serving ninety-six different telephone exchanges. Joe, and the construction/service operations team working under his direction successfully completed this major project in such a quality manner that they received the Verizon Excellence Award for Best in Nation Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) Implementation for 2004. Then this same team received a second national award for producing Verizon’s Highest FTTP Implementation Productivity in 2005.

Joe may be contacted in our Carrollton, Texas office.

Our Employees Are Key To The Ongoing Success Of The Company

All of these senior managers are responsible for the development and implementation of the long-term vision and goals of Housley Communications, Inc. that will ensure the company’s continued success.

There is another group of operations managers at Housley Communications, Inc. that are responsible for management of the day-to-day business. They are empowered and responsible to ensure that our quality, workmanship, productivity and adherence to schedules is upheld and completed to the satisfaction of our customers.

Several of our managers have extensive OSP construction and municipal utility experience. This group of managers and their construction supervisors, assigned to specific geographic areas, work closely with large Telecommunications and Municipal Utility customers on a daily basis. Our field management structure allows us to maintain the closest possible contact with our customers on a regular basis. This level of managerial commitment is a key part of our commitment to provide quality services at a fair price. Maintaining close contact with our customers has served Housley Communications well. Our company was named the Outstanding OSP Contractor in 1996 by one of the industry’s largest telecommunications companies.

Housley Communications, Inc. business commitment also extends to the communities where we live and work. We actively encourage all employees to be involved in the support of community activities. We are proud that our employees regularly support organizations such as the West Texas Rehabilitation Center, West Texas Boys Ranch, The 4H Club of America, The Salvation Army and United Way.

In addition to encouraging community involvement, we encourage continuing education both for industry specific training as well as post secondary education. Housley Communications, Inc. also participates in trade organizations in order to better our industry and further our employees’ ability to work safely. These trade organizations include the National Utility Contractors Association and the Texas811.